Aeon Comics Universe Wikia

This Wikia is under construction, and represents an upcoming series of comics that is still being written and drawn up. Please be patient as a lot of pages will be created ahead of being finished, and as such a large quantity of pages will have little to no content.

Welcome to the Aeon Comics Universe Wikia[]

In anticipation of the upcoming Universe from Aeon Comics, we preview sneak peaks and information of the characters, location and events in this premature Wikia.

As the first issues of several Aeon Comics titles are underway, all major updates and previews will be shared here.

If you have any questions, please use our forum (which is under construction currently) or contact one of our admins.

Aeon Comics[]

Aeon Comics is an indie comics group from the UK, looking to publish its own comics online and in limited physical numbers.

In order to build a consistent universe as foundation for the series of Issue #1s that are upcoming, this Wikia is to help the founding members of Aeon Comics refer to as well as allowing the open public preview access to the Aeon Comics Multiverse.

A free-to-view short series of fan-written Amalgamated comics starring variants of Marvel, DC and Aeon characters in a unique coexistent universe will be published online, and will be included in this Wikia.

Latest activity[]

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