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Anthony Pablo Turner, "Don Antonio Pablo Chevez"
Don Pablo depicted in 'Hero Machine 2.5'
Don Pablo depicted in 'Hero Machine 2.5'
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 22 years
Status Human, American
Physical attributes
Height 1.68 metres
Weight 73.23 kilograms

Anthony Turner, insistently known as Antonio Pablo Chevez, is a crime-lord with influence and power over Miami, FL. He is known to his men as Don Pablo.

His name change was influenced upon discovering that his father is the international crime-lord, Pablo Chevez.




Born Anthony Pablo Turner to Mary Liza Turner, and unknown to his father Pablo Chevez, he grew up without a father. At the age of 11 his mother told him of his father, a Mexican drug lord, and that he wasn't even aware of Anthony's existence. Anthony grew angry with his mother, then shot her 3 times, and stole all of her cash. He left home to look for work in crime, and proceeded to change his name to Antonio Chevez. He joined his first cartel when he was 12, and ran his own by 15. At the age of 19 he ran a mafia in a small city called Lawton Fells, West Virginia, which grew so large that it drained the city of money, leaving it a bankrupt ghost-town several years later, where it then became known as The Fallen City.

His mob started to fall apart, but his most loyal follwed him across country to Miami, where he joined a small mob, proceeding to overthrow its previous leader and grew until he ran Miami and owned all of its assets.

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