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Pablo Rodriguez Chevez, "El Diablo"
Vital statistics
Position Human, Mexican
Age 62 years
Status Crime Lord
Physical attributes
Height 1.66 metres
Weight 65.43 kilograms

Pablo Chevez is the largest drug-lord in the world, shipping millions of dollars of drugs internationally every day. He has earned the title "El Diablo" for his manner of dealing with problems by eliminating them, slowly and painfully.

Chevez also deals in the Arms trade, especially black market, and is a middle-man for selling discarded and excess weapons used by the secret organisation, Sin.




Born in Mexico to a poor family working for a minor drug cartel, Pablo grew up learning to peddle drugs from a young age. Pablo had a sister when he was 3 years old, who he became protective over and loved dearly. By the age of 9 he had already sold a collective value of $100,000 of cocaine, cannabis and opium. His father was executed in front of him when he was 12, and his mother and younger sister became victims of the cartel's sex abuse. As he rose through the ranks, his anger towards his superiors grew. His mother tried to smuggle his sister out of the country, away from the violence and rape she was victim to, but upon being caught by the cartel's jefe, both were raped and executed before Pablo. Pablo then went to murder every mother, sister, wife and daughter of the cartel's other members, before shooting the jefe in the head at point blank in public.

He left his hometown of Durango and headed to Mexico City, joining a larger drug cartel. As he slowly rose through the ranks, following every precaution to stick by cartel rules, he became jefe of the Martinez Cartel, and then went on to conjoin and rise up through some of the biggest cartels, until he became a staple figure in La Eme. He participated in a shoot-out between La Eme and some of the countries rival cartels, where he took out all of the rival jefes himself, as well as a large number of the gang members. Having proved himself, he was elected as the first Jefe of La Eme, but no record of it was made so as to avoid any involvement of the CIA or FBI to dissintegrate La Eme.

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