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Benedict "Kong" Hanno
Benedict as Kong from a concept cover for Kong Issue #1
Benedict as Kong from a concept cover for Kong Issue #1
Vital statistics
Position Western Lowland Gorilla
Age 19 years
Status Superior Intellect, Gorilla Strength
Physical attributes
Height 1.74 metres
Weight 167.3 kilograms

Benedict Hanno is a super-intellectual gorilla that goes by the superhero ego of Kong. He has the ability of human speech and the strength of an adult gorilla. He is part of the Hanno family and lives in Miami, FL, with Dr Samuel Hanno.


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Benedict Hanno originates from Congo, from which he was taken into captivity at the age of 3 months. He was raised, along with his mother, in a government-funded research facility in Florida, as animal testing for possible cures for cancer. No actual drug tests were performed on Benedict until he was 10 years old, and was in captivity to comfort his mother, however the researchers interacting with Benedict and studied his behavioral and intellectual development. The first, and only, test drug used on Benedict possessed none of the desired effects, but had the side-effect of increasing brain capacity, allowing him to learn to speak English and have a superior intellect. Upon learning of the side-effects, Dr Samuel Hanno removed Benedict from testing and took him to his home in Miami.

Benedict adapted to human life; watching TV, drinking coffee and martial arts, for example; but is socially inept and doesn't fully understand human social interactions. Benedict watched the King Kong 1933 film on television and then questioned how, although the film is made by humans, King Kong was depicted as a monster and stupid yet had better morality than the humans, choosing to save something when frightened as opposed to trying to destroy. This led to Benedict making a choice to be a vigilante hero to try and teach mankind better morals and to prevent crime. He chose the ego of Kong as a tribute to the hero he modeled himself after.

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