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Tobius "The Magician" Trick
Vital statistics
Position Human, American
Age 26 years
Status Stage and Street Magic
Physical attributes
Height 1.78 metres
Weight 75.01 kilograms

Tobius Trick is the Magician.


Powers and Abilities[]


Gaia-1 []

Born Tobius Richard Langston to Matthew and Rebecca Langston in Queens, NY. Tobius grew up infatuated with magic shows in the theatre, and later street magicians, both in person and on television. He practised performing magic throughout his childhood, looking to follow a career.

Tobius failed to find a job in magic and was not successful in hosting his own magic shows and his parents shunned him, telling him he should have followed a "real career". Overcome by rage, Tobius murdered his parents, staging it as an acciident, and changed his surname to Trick. Having failed to find an income, Tobius turned to criminal intentions in making money, performing his crime as a series of magic tricks, under the alias The Magician.

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