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Aster "Novastorm" Small
Novastorm depicted in 'Hero Machine 3.0'
Novastorm depicted in 'Hero Machine 3.0'
Vital statistics
Position Neo-Human (Astra Magnus)
Age 23 years
Status Star Cosmic, Solar, Electric
Physical attributes
Height 1.73 metres
Weight 76.45 kilograms

Aster Small, more commonly known as Novastorm, is a Neo-Human with a unique power of Star Cosmic. His power grants him the ability to generate heat, flame and electricity similarly to how a star generates power. The energy flux within him and caused his muscles to develop higher densities and to strengthen.


Powers and Abilities[]

His powers grant him the ability to fly in addition to creating energy in several forms; Heat, Flame, Electrity and Light.

When focused, Aster can also emit Kinetic energy in precise direction in order to move things from a distance; it remains different to telekinesis.



A descendent of the Saxo-Anglian Neo-Human settlers on Astra Magnus, Aster was born without a known father, and his mother died from childbirth. Growing up as an orphan, Aster was determined to break the rules but felt inclined to help anyone in need.

His powers developed during a meteor shower over his city; one of the falling objects in the sky was not a meteor, but rather a heart of a star; a high-density gemstone only millimetres in diametre; filled with the energy of the Star Cosmic, a sustainable energy that radiates from Solus Magnus. Aster held the heart of a star in his hand, and it deteriorated in his palm, passing on the Star Cosmic energy straight into his body.

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