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Q'al Morr "Quiverburn"
Quiverburn depicted in 'Hero Machine 2.0'
Quiverburn depicted in 'Hero Machine 2.0'
Vital statistics
Position Petragna
Age 81 years
Status Archery skills, Molten rock body
Physical attributes
Height 1.92 metres
Weight 201.56 kilograms

Q'al Morr is a Petragna exile from his home planet, Petragok. After spending many years travelling the stars, Morr found his way to Earth during the Cold War, and was taken in for experimentation by the American government and secret organisation Sin. He broke out of containment after 14 years, and found refuge in Japan where he became a local hero and guardian of Nagano, believed to be the mythical creature Waira.

Morr is now an intergalactic superhero known as Quiverburn, and travels through the galaxies as part of the Freedom Star.


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Q'al Morr was born on the planet Petragok, in the distant Valos System, with a twin brother, Q'al Turuk, to the Senator of the largest continent on the planet. Morr grew up rivalling Turuk, always trying to best him to impress his father, Q'al Seita. Morr was better trained with weapons than Turuk, making his brother jealous, and caused dispute between the brothers. Turuk decided to try and collapse the Senate building, which Morr tried to prevent, allowing Turuk to frame him and causing Morr's exile.

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